This is credited to something that debuted this year called Calvin Klein By Appointment, otherwise known as the same old custom Calvin Klein, except now available to unfamous rich people as well as its celebrity clientele. (From what I gather, anyway.) And I must say, despite being underwhelmed at best by CK’s offerings of late, I love this. There’s a much different feel to it than so many of their other offerings; I associate Calvin Klein with simplicity, like Jennifer Lawrence’s red tank dress, or Naomie Harris’s rather less successful Globes dress, or Gwyneth’s snore of a pink gown on this night. So this is a welcome surprise, as if someone over there — in collusion with Julianne, presumably — decided to Google Rei Kawakubo and actually try something. It’s festive and textural, it has shape, it’s springy, and she looks as delighted to wear it as I am to see it. I hope she partied the hell out of it.

[Photo: Getty]