In fact, this whole look is very 1995 — with the exception of the bootcut jeans — and, like Carrie Bradshaw, I can’t help but wonder whether or not we should try to go back to the mid-90s in general. There was no pandemic, we didn’t have social media turning society’s collective brains to goo but there were still corners of the internet where you could email people and read their weird/fun theories about The X-Files, all your favorite glossy mags were still in business and going gangbusters, and none of us had ever heard the 1-800-Kars-4-Kids song or seen Matt Damon screaming at us to invest our life savings in crypto. There was no crypto, and Matt Damon was just that douchebag in School Ties. Between this sweater vest (which is cute on her, she looks like she’s heading to a very productive day in the research library) and what I understand is an uptick in youthful interest in Clinique Black Honey, it seems like we’re halfway there already.

[Photo by London Entertainment/Shutterstock]