On this date in 1991, per Getty Images, Angelina Jolie was 16 years old and taking a variety of photos that most likely turned into headshot and lookbook content for modeling and acting work. You would not have seen her in anything yet: Her first credited job on IMDb, after something she did in the ’80s as a wee tot, was in 1991 as “Woman” in a Lenny Kravitz music video, which I was going to say is super creepy considering she was underage and the video wants to be sexy, but… honestly, I couldn’t find her in it? Maybe she’s one of the disembodied hands? I HOPE she is not one of the anonymous torsos.

That led me to her cameo in a Lemonheads video, which is an amusing low-budg ’90s affair that involves a) the Lemonheads rocking out in a furry green room; b) Angelina briefly making out with Evan Dando in a convertible; c) young Amy Smart catching them in a tiny pleated skirt and looking sad; d) Amy Smart taking him back while they sit fully clothed in a bathtub, for reasons that mostly seem to be, “He’s Evan Dando and he gives good stare”; and e) Evan staring into the camera from on a roof of an apartment building while his bandmates stand on the A/C ducts or something:

Angie chased that a Meat Loaf epic. In 1994, at age 19, she plays Runaway Teen in “Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through” and it takes a real Phantom of the Underpass turn:

CLASSIC Meat Loaf. There is bad makeup, spiky trees, a rock to sing on, a magical woman in a jukebox, the random addition of an unrelated blind character AND a little boy halfway through… My sincerest gratitude to this random folder of photos that took me down the road less traveled, straight into the arms of Mr. Loaf. After that, it’s Hackers in 1995, Gia in 1998, and she was off and running, but today… today she is Runaway Teen.

[Photos: Harry Langdon/Getty Images]