I was going to make a “What’s Up With That?” joke about Kenan Thompson’s Walk of Fame star, but then I realized it might accidentally look like I am questioning this decision. And that is NOT the case. Kenan absolutely deserved to have one of these bought in his honor; he’s been SNL’s consistent MVP for yonks now, and there were rumors at one point that Lorne Michaels would hand the whole thing off to him after the 50th season. (Rumors that Kenan maaaaay have quashed when he recently said the thinks the show itself should quit at that point.) I cherish Kenan, and I do sort of wish this whole thing had turned into a “What’s Up With That” song, with Jason Sudeikis in a tracksuit leaping out from behind a pillar and Lindsay Buckingham walking up to the podium and having his mic cut.

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