One of the few things I remember from Game of Thrones was, “Winter is coming,” and it sounded like winter took its sweet-ass time. House of the Dragon started its promo a while ago but I gather STILL is not available until August 21? It must be a very strange time to be out there supporting your show when the Discovery dude, who’s now presiding over Warner Bros/HBO/etc., is stirring a lot of shit about the value or lack thereof of HBO Max and a variety of HBO programming (did you know that the streamer and the cable channel had different development departments? I did not and I have to say, I agree with Mr. CEO that this seems totally unnecessary and expensive?!?). But presumably any franchise associated with Game of Thrones is safe from the chop. Maybe. WE’LL SEE. If I were the new Gossip Girl, though, I might quake in my boots a bit.

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