This event was at a party for Roger Vivier on the Gramercy Hotel’s terrace, and I can’t figure out why they didn’t make sure every photographer could back up far enough for a full-body shot. ESPECIALLY because they’re all wearing Roger Vivier shoes. But: Other than that snafu, Katie looks really summery and good. I’m not sure why she hacked off her hair — she owes me no explanation — but the cut was so dowdy on her for such a long time, and yet suddenly JUST as June rolls in, she’s reached the adorable tousled bob stage. You know, the one that makes me examine my overgrown and absurd mane, the one I can’t make do ANYTHING at any length, and want to hack it off and start from scratch. I shall not — I CANNOT; regret lies that way — but I’m sure once it hits 90 degrees I will have at least one more debate with myself about it.

Dakota Fanning, by the way, was also at this shindig:

Roger Vivier '#LoveVivier' Book Launch, Cocktail Party, New York, USA - 31 May 2018

I can’t figure out why she’s covering that perfectly cute flowered dress (the likes of which I was JUST browsing hungrily) with that fancy smock, but I can’t lie: It works. I’m not even looking at the peonies on the — wait, shoot, yes I am. But in fairness, my eyes are at least flickering back and forth.

[Photos: Lexie Moreland/WWD/REX/Shutterstock]