This is a reader request, but it’s also a request that reflects MY LIFE, as I am all in on this trend, given that I literally just bought this particular floral dress from J.Crew, and have been waxing poetic about it for two weeks. Is it wrong if I also want this J.Crew print, and maybe also this one? Am I back in love with J.Crew, after drifting away from them lo these past years? Are we about to have a romantic reunion?!?! Is this because they have started re-making essentially all the tiny-print floral dresses I wore in college?

It might be, but also everyone else is ALSO making floral print summer dresses. Like, Pippa Middleton just wore this adorable Ralph Lauren one to the French Open. Boden is trying to force me to spend money there anew, with this number.  We saw this on Princess Beatrice last week (and thanks to the Fug National who identified it for us; it’s not as pricy as you might think); Princess Eugenie just wore this one. SO MANY DRESSES SO LITTLE TIME.

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