Kathryn Newton is one of those actors who I think is regularly far better than her materials, even though her CV ranges from Oscar-nominated films to late-stage CW efforts, and I’m happy to see her making the rounds. Right now, she’s promoting Lisa Frankenstein, the title of which is not great but which is Diablo Cody’s latest and which was directed by Robin Williams’s daughter Zelda. It has no reviews yet, even though it comes out Friday, which makes me think it wasn’t screened for critics, which is also not great! ANYWAY, that’s all sort of beside my point, which is that this collection of press tour outfits makes me think she needs to be cast in a big budget glossy glam prestige TV soap set in the 1980s IMMEDIATELY.

[Photos:  MEGA/GC Images, Gotham/GC Images, Leon Bennett/GA/The Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images, Steven Simione/WireImage]