Katharine just debuted in Waitress on Broadway, which feels like a smart off-season move for her during Scorpion’s hiatus, and she celebrated with David Foster. Apparently, they are dating, or quasi-dating. Anyway, for the post-party, she chose this beige dress that’s halfway between a coat and a gown, and it’s thoroughly fine and acceptable and whatnot but isn’t really very zingy. It’s like a bag of salted potato chips: I can eat it, and I will, but I would rather it came with flavoring or at least a groovy dip.

She thought of that:

Exclusive Katharine McPhee Celebrates her Broadway Debut in WAITRESS at Common Ground

A red shoes and matching clutch make this come way more alive. Imagine it with black shoes, or white, or even a matching neutral; I think this would be much more likely to sit there, plainly. But with red, there’s zip. It’s a small thing but it manages to give the whole enterprise a lift, like squeezing a lime over your pad thai.

And yes, I am hungry, how can you tell?

[Photos: InstarImages.com]