This is the second time Kate’s gone to Bletchley Park (at least; I think it’s only twice, but it might be her third visit), and this time, she’s there because they’ve opened up an exhibit where kids can do some code-breaking, and because there’s a new D-Day exhibit, AND she got to hang out with some bad-ass old ladies in a good room. BEHOLD:

This is a gorgeous room and these women are pretty rad:

This is nice, too:

I REALLY want to get over to Bletchey Park. It’s open to visitors and apparently very cool.

The outfit is also a rewear — she wore it in the photos the royal family released for Chaz’s 70th birthday — but this is the first time we’ve seen the whole look. I will say, although I love the dots and the color, I think the whole thing is too long. Like, I think the torso of the dress is too long AND the overall length is too long, which also makes me worry that this dress is VERY VERY long, given how tall Kate is. Would this be some kind of pleated maxi-dress situation on me? I have, to quote Saint Tim Gunn, concerns.

I do think it looks much better in motion than it does in a still pic:

[Photos:  Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock]