Yesterday, we wondered aloud about Kate wearing as many British designers lately and mentioned Jenny Packham by name, and LO AND BEHOLD here she is wearing a new blue Packham dress, along with a new Mulberry coat. And many of you in the comments wished for a straighter blowout, and… well, it might not be much straighter than the morning she arrived, but it is a bit, and she didn’t curl up the ends like last night. Listen, you win some, you tie some, and then you count those ties as wins too just because you can.

Today, Baron and Baroness Carrickfergus — the Carrickfergi — visited the Braid Arts Center in Ballymena, home of a charity called Cinemagic, where they teach all kinds of classes to kids hoping to build skills in film, TV, and digital tech (and if that appeals to you, they also do work in London, L.A., Boston, Dublin, Nashville, and NYC). Earlier, at Hillsborough Castle, the official residence of the Queen in Northern Ireland, they met with police officers to discuss their on-the-job challenges — this HAS to be related at least somewhat to the very real possibility that Brexit will be a disaster for Northern Ireland’s border with Ireland, even if it’s just optics and they don’t actually DISCUSS that — and later will be at a charity called SureStart, which helps families with very young kids who live in disadvantaged areas of Northern Ireland. (Phew! A busy day. We don’t have pics of that last stop yet, but if she changes — doubtful — I will bring it to you later; otherwise you can catch them in Royals Round-Up.)

From social media, this is from yesterday’s engagement:

You know, in case Royal Handwriting is of interest. There were also serious talking faces when they met with police, of which we didn’t have photos:

And in case you were hoping for Carrickfergus baby #4…

You NEVER KNOW. (She apparently followed this remark up by joking, or not, “I think William would be little worried.”)

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