Today was a twofer for Kate — if you missed her earlier look in D&G, we covered it here.  Apologies for the delay in getting this post up and out the door, but Heather and I were filming some talking head-type interviews for a TV special about royal fashion, so I was at least thinking of you! (It’ll be on later in the year, I will send up a flare.)  ANYWAY! This is The Gorgeous Ladies of Finance Gala, which Kate does traditionally attend as she is patron of their philanthropic arm, and she’s wearing Gucci. (This event is at the V&A, and she loves Gucci for the V&A.) The gala benefits Heads Together’s “Mentally Healthy Schools” program, which is quite a good cause and clearly one that Kate has gone all in on. This is glam, and I’m always pleased to see a pattern or something pattern-adjacent at a formal event. (Having said that, Gucci is having a pretty bad week and while I assume this was bespoke and ready to go, I would have saved it for later; we discussed this a bit in the comments of this morning’s post, as well) We’ve also got the second pair of sparkly shoes this week, a fact that I shall mark in my diary with several hearts; I truly feel seen and heard. (They’re these Oscar de la Rentas, for the record. She’s actually worn them before, but I forgot they existed.)

We’ve got video, mais oui (I’m back on my DuoLingo, y’all!). Jeez, this is a lot of flashbulbs!


[Photos:  Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock, REX/Shutterstock]