Kate’s pixie is growing out really nicely, and… that’s the good news. The bad news: You don’t have to scroll down very far to start wincing. The fabric on this Ellery ensemble made me suspicious, but once I got to the buttons, I was OUT. They’re not even sewn on evenly, and the inconsistency does not look deliberate. It’s like how I hung a towel rail this weekend and it’s SLIGHTLY off-center because I had to cover up a different drill hole (my anchors were too long and I didn’t trust that I could re-use that hole with just a plain screw; my life is a parade of scintillation). Although I may be giving this too much credit for trying to hide something, besides which, no button that large could ever be subtle. It’s like asking someone not to notice that you have eyes.

Oh, but there’s mote: Keep going, and we see the Seussian split-leg flared pants. I want to know what bet she lost, and with whom, because that person is SAVAGE.

Next, we can throw Stella into the mix:

Kate in Stella McCartney @stellamccartney @adeam @louboutinworld

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If Stella McCartney has been tapped to design Meghan Markle’s wedding dress, then I’m sure there have been NO SHORTAGE of sleepless nights at Buckingham Palace, during which the Queen furiously trolls Twitter, tosses bon-bons across the bedrooms at Philip, and yelps that Stella is AT IT AGAIN and CAN SHE BE TRUSTED and WHAT’S THAT MOVE YOU LIKED SO MUCH WITH THAT NICE GOLDIE HAWN and KURT RUSSELL IS A DISH, MAYBE I SHOULD MARRY AN AMERICAN, EH?

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