Apparently, celebrities have moved on from writing random YA novels, memoirs, and cookbooks, in favor of investing in booze. The Informative Caption on this one was a total word salad, and it says, “Kate Hudson sent a mule to gift her celebrity friends her King St. Vodka and CANN Social Tonics, with a custom Moscow Mule Edie Parker tray kit to celebrate the beginning of summer over the holiday weekend.” Phew. The mule tie-in was sort of obvious, but I have a lot of questions, namely that obviously mules don’t have opposable thumbs and so clearly the human in this mule suit had to stick his very real human hands out of it so he could hold the tray. And it’s hilariously weird. Better than strapping the tray to an actual mule — no real animals need to be dragged into this — but someone threw this idea together at the last second and these were the only celebs who were willing to participate, right? Courteney Cox, Nina Dobrev, Molly Sims, and Gladys, the Groovy Mule?

Celebrities receive gifts from Kate Hudson, Los Angeles, California, USA - 31 May 2021

Nina Dobrev is like, “Hi, Stranger In a Mule Suit. Are you Kate Hudson? This only makes sense if you are about to rip off your head and reveal that you’re Kate Hudson, right? RIGHT?”

Wrong. But it SHOULD totally be Kate Hudson. This is both amazing and effective if it is Kate Hudson herself shuffling around town handing out vodka and mixers to B-listers she vaguely knows. Is it not sort of impersonal to be like, “Guys, can you put on your NICE pandemic sweats so that I can send over some booze with two strangers in a mule suit?”

Celebrities receive gifts from Kate Hudson, Los Angeles, California, USA - 31 May 2021

It’s not even a very GOOD mule suit. Frankly, Back Mule over there is sleeping on the job. Back Mule, in fairness, may believe they are not on camera, but they are also doing a half-assed job of being the ass of a half-ass. Back Mule may be reconsidering all of their life choices, and DEFINITELY deserves a free bottle of hooch.

In sum, obviously I am in love with this and want Gladys to run absolutely wild in celebrity neighborhoods from now until the end of summer.

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