I am not loving Kat Graham’s head-suit here.

I am, however, enjoying the fact that her dress reminds me of single quote marks, as if her left side is beginning a saying that wraps around her back and concludes on her right boob.  Punctuation fashion is surely the next big trend. Chloe Sevigny surely has dibs on the umlaut, Solange Knowles probably called dibs on the hash tag, and personally I can’t wait to see what Bai Ling can do with my old friend the semi-colon.

For me, however, this is both a question AND an exclamation mark:

This is not the first time we’ve seen that top, but it is — to my knowledge, and for which I am grateful — its debut appearance with leggings, a fringe epaulet made from one of Janet Jackson’s old ponytail pieces, and a cranial doorknob. I keep wanting to buzz in on that thing and shout, “What is BATSHIT CRAZY AWESOMESAUCE, Alex?”

[Photos: WENN]

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