I understand that this photo does not mean what I want it to mean. I do. It’s just a moment in time, taken out of context.

But I don’t care. I will go to my grave swearing Nicki Minaj is glaring up at the heavens and saying, “This is NOT THE REWARD I EXPECT FROM ALL THAT PRAYING.”

She and Riccardo Tisci look terribly bored by one another, also. Frankly, doesn’t it feel like she was drafted to fill a hole vacated by Kim at the last minute? Put a thumb over her face and she’s styled up exactly like Kim would be: volcanic topknot, a bra, lace, questions. We already HAVE four other Kims, Nicki (and they’re only even really in the game because of genetic manacles). RESIST. Keep doing you instead.

[Photos: Getty]

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