I gather Panera Bread is now selling “craft beverages,” and presumably offered Kaley Cuoco a tankload of money to promote them on Extra and in stores, because that’s exactly what she’s doing. (Nice work if you can get it, as the saying goes.) Perhaps she is a noted beverage enthusiast. She may WELL be a Noted Craft Enthusiast, as this looks as homespun as if Tim Gunn announced a Project Runway challenge inspired by Helena Bonham Carter and the favored crafting tools of Fraulein Maria.

Kaley Cuoco launches New Craft Beverage Station at Panera Bread in Studio City

It is especially vexing when viewed from the side, because then you really see the haphazard fabrics being patched together. There even appears to be bonus boning.

Wait, that came out wrong. Bonus boning is when you have a really fantastic day at work and then cap it by falling into an unexpected sexual escapade. Let’s call this… bonus corsetry? Sure.

Kaley Cuoco exits Panera Bread after an appearance

‘Tis also weird when she moves, and the skirt starts to swirl about and open up. It’s a shame, because her head looks adorable. Oh, girl. That thing is like watching a toddler try to navigate shoelaces: mixed-up, but at least trying.

[Photos: Backgrid]

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