In all the drama of Don’t Worry Darling, I actually forgot that we had a George Clooney/Julia Roberts rom-com speeding our way right at the end of October. It’s called Ticket to Paradise and I can’t tell if it premiering in the UK this early is a great sign for it, or a terrible one. The NY Times (in a fairly charming interview with the two of them from July) explained it as a film that cast Cloons and Julia “as warring exes who reunite to stop the surprise wedding of their daughter (Kaitlyn Dever) to a seaweed farmer (Maxime Bouttier) she met during a graduation trip to Bali. As her divorced parents team up, their old spark is rekindled; by the end of the movie, they’ve gone from exes to something like XO.” At the absolute least, this sounds like something painless to screen on a plane, and that’s not nothing. We’ll take in George and Amal shortly, but first, we’ve got Julia — or as we tend to call her here, JULIA!!!!!, because almost every time she’s on the cover of a magazine, the headline literally IS “Julia!” — in a custom Alexander McQueen that is covered with initials and dates that are presumably meaningful to her. Like, DM + JR is certainly “Danny Moder” (her husband) and herself, and then she’s got her kids’ initials on there, and the date of her marriage and on one hand, this is sweet! On the other hand, it does kind of remind me of “A Low Vera,” which is definitely one of Julia’s less admirable moments. On the third hand (how many hands do I have? FIND OUT!), and irrespective of all of that, the execution of this feels somewhat clumsy, although I’m sure its handmade vibe is intentional. (My other thought, after A Low Vera, was that I liked it better when Angelina did it, although I don’t think the Roberts/Moder kids are involved in this at all.)

On my fourth hand, her earrings ARE great:

'Ticket To Paradise' film premiere, London, UK - 07 Sep 2022

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