First, because I know we had all hoped to see her, Viola Davis sat out this movie. Second: I guess John plays Peacemaker in the movie, and the director apparently told him to approach the character like “douchebro Captain America.” That’s pretty much exactly the vibe I’m getting here. Can I also be a complete prig for one second? (“ONE second?” you say, and I’ll give that to you with a side of fries.) I appreciate trying to be goofy and lighthearted in These Times, and I understand it’s flagrantly a costume, FROM the movie, and it’s clearly not a threat of any kind. It’s basically just Turn Your Work Event Into Halloween. But he could have gotten across the same idea without waving around prop guns at his movie premiere that are crafted to look moderately real, in a time when there was JUST a fatal shooting AT a movie theater. And while the U.S. is still grappling overall with this kind of shit (case in point, I believe there are two more in the news just this morning). In short, the macho wang pistol just felt a bit tone deaf, even if he IS in costume as a douchebag.

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