Gaga has continued her swing through New York (she might live there; I always assume these are hotels, and maybe both are true, maybe she goes for the pap walks outside of hotels so that no one has photos of her actual front door). And bless her very much for it. Yesterday, she busted out this serviceable Gaultier suit that’s a little bit of a scrolldown because of how the pants are snacking on her feet. (A pointy toe helps with stuff like that, milady.) But I love that she’s going for a slick boss aesthetic; she is, after all, the CEO of her own metamorphosis into Serious Actress.

And I love this:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - July 30, 2021

She is a lady who lunches and a lady who will eat you FOR lunch.

But the real reason we’re here is the stir Gaga made when she slipped into this Valentino:


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Check out the video of Gaga exiting a building in this; it’s everything you want, and also fascinating because you can see her holding the hem so that the dress stays boxy and in place — it’s subtle, but it’s very much there. And the only subtle part about this. She’s dressed as Grimace’s haughty thrice-divorced socialite mom who never came to any of his school plays, and mostly doesn’t talk to him because she’s not thrilled that he hangs out all day with a literal clown. And I mean… point to the lady on that one.

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