Time is a BBC anthology miniseries about being in jail, which featured Sean Bean in season 1. This second go-round will have Jodie Whitaker and Bella Ramsey in a women’s prison, and maybe that was the idea behind Jodie’s outfit at this photocall. It’s like a very dressy, department-store version of prison coveralls. Perhaps she’s half-Method and she doesn’t want to go back to waistbands until they wrap the series. Or maybe she’s discovered that she loves the feel of the breeze in a metal bathroom stall when she has to peel all this off to use the lavatory. Hey, at least she looks happy in it, and it’s a great color. Bella, for me, takes the day in that very sharp, richly toned suit. and shoes you could crush a zombie in, which would come in handy for their other job on The Last of Us. And I guess for all the rest of us, when the Covid vaccine finally kicks in and we start eating brains. I’m told it’s coming!!!!

[Photo: Alan Chapman/Dave Benett/Getty Images]