Jodie Turner-Smith should be a very difficult assignment to whiff, but the math is somehow all wrong on this outfit. None of it adds up to a cohesive whole. The jacket is Gucci; whether the whole ensemble is, I don’t know, but she should get a serious cash infusion for her loyalty while they shuffle the executive deck and get new creative director Sabato de Sarno up to speed. This is not particularly glamorous or exciting, nor is it stylishly smart-casual; cropped AND low-rise starts to feel like a visit to the worse parts of the aughts. When SHE can’t turn your lemons into tasty lemonade, maybe it’s time to… stop asking her to drink it? I don’t know. I ran out of steam. But:

Hennessy & Nas Celebrate Hip Hop’s 50th Anniversary With A Collaborative Limited Edition Bottle in New York City on July 20, 2023

Pom Klementieff up there is making an excellent argument for a simple black tank, and I wonder if that would have made all the difference for Jodie.

[Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images]