I love this photo, because it looks like Eddie Redmayne finds all of Chasty’s bows to be HIGH-LARIOUS. And maybe he does! She looks entertained by them herself here:

'The Good Nurse' film screening, New York, USA - 18 Oct 2022

This dress might be fun and festive for a second wedding, admittedly, but it ALSO might be the winning effort in a Make a Wedding Gown Out of These Old Sheets game at the bridal shower for that wedding. I don’t hate it but it might also be silly.

This project is, by the way, a Netflix movie about a VERY BAD serial killer, played by Eddie Redmayne who is VERY much going against type there. (Which is probably smart for him, career-wise, especially if he’s good!) Would I pay $18 to AMC to watch Eddie Redmayne murder people while I eat popcorn in real pants? Maybe but maybe not. Will I watch Jessica Chastain play a smart nurse who sussed out that he was a very very bad man on Netflix in the comfort of my own home, eating leftover pasta and also occasionally looking at my phone? YES.

[Photos: Shutterstock, Erik Pendzich/Shutterstock]