Sometimes at GFY HQ, when we’re not trying on our Grinch suits or objectifying dudes in Hollywood whom we might need to hire to open our mail (Hamm, do you own a letter-opener?), we sit around and ponder important questions. Like, remember when Jessica Biel was just that girl from the mushy Brenda Hampton show that clutched its pearls about teen sex? And now she’s wearing couture and dating Justin Timberlake. How did that happen? How does a girl go from The WB to dating and re-dating and re-re-dating Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor while serving as a utility player in Garry Marshall’s sprawling and inane ensemble “comedies” in 50 outfits or less? The answer: She doesn’t; this is 52 and I even edited it quite a bit. Still, Shailene Woodley, who is kind of Biel 2.0 in the sense that she TOO is on a Brenda Hampton show that clutches its pearls about teen sex, should take notes for the day she ends up wearing couture and dating Justin Timberlake.