This has a lot of aspects that, taken alone, I totally hate:

Very bare bandeau top, sheer-paneled skirt. But while I am not really in love with that top and never will be, I am tolerating it because I think she’s kind of pulling it off — sort of like when your friend is dating a dude that you totally just do not get, but he seems to legitimately make her happy so you just keep your mouth shut. When it comes to the skirt, though, it’s more like when you fall in love with a short scrawny tattooed drummer despite a lifetime of dating burly football players: It’s unexpected, but fabulous, and you should just go with it. I will happily go anywhere with that skirt.

But let’s get real: I’m sure you really just want to get a closer look at these shoes:

I’m pretty sure these are based on the breastplates worn by the ancient Mayans during ritual sacrifices. In other words: DO NOT MAKE HER MAD.

[Photos: Getty, AKM/GSI]