This event, in Central Park, was cancelled in the middle of the proceedings due to the incoming hurricane (!!) and obviously no one wants to see Barry Manilow struck by lightning. I assume. (The whole thing seems like it was potentially a bit of a fiasco.) But Jennifer Hudson’s performance squeaked in before the weather got too wild, and that’s a blessing for those of us who are interested in her outfit. It is, yes, D&G, and to me it looks a bit like D&G got lost in the Versace archives. Leaving all that aside, for me this is much more successful on stage — which is, obviously, where it’s meant to be seen — than it is just walking around backstage:

We Love NYC: The Homecoming Concert Produced by NYC, Clive Davis, and Live Nation

As a sidebar, her entire head looks SO GOOD lately; I need the Jennifer Hudson Skincare Routine immediately, but her hair and makeup folks have also been killing it. My VERY nitpicky nit to pick about the top of her corporeal form is that I might have done a gold-based choker to play off the rest of the look. My LESS nitpicky nit is that I am so impressed that you can’t tell on stage that her dress featured sheer skirt-curtains! It’s just a surprise for the folks backstage — who deserve it!

[Photos: Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation]