The thing about Los Angeles is, you don’t have to live here very long for your blood to thin out like water and make you very cold even when it’s 65 degrees outside and you know intellectually that people out there bust out the flip flops when it gets half that warm in December. I love the cold. I went to high school in a town where they said they’d cancel school at -35 degrees, and we actually went on numerous -34 days because, y’all,  numbers don’t lie; -34 is not -35. I can hang in an arctic blast. And yet I still get the wool cape and hat out if the temperature is in the 60s, because a) WHEN ELSE IN THIS INFERNAL CITY, I ASK YOU, and b) I can’t control what my blood is doing. My skin wants what it wants.

All of which is to say that Jenna Dewan does, I believe, live in L.A. And by L.A. standards, it was not warm on the day of this event. So it escapes me why she’s dressed as if it’s a glorious late May afternoon at Clown College, and she’s headed to a cocktail party with the other kids from her “Novelty Hairpieces: How To Get Bang(s) For Your Comedy Buck” class.

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