Since this is Jean Paul Gaultier’s final tango, I didn’t curate this; you’re getting all 175 photos, which you can flip through with the arrow keys on your computer if that’s faster and easier. I’m not even going to bother suggesting these for anyone; you can imagine most of them are things Gaga might get offered for one thing or another, and beyond that, it’s a dice-roll. But this is a show that is CHOCK FULL. All kinds of different people on the runway, harnesses and boobs and weird crotch-framey sheers and shredded stuff, and a COFFIN, and BOY GEORGE, and CODPIECES, and A SKIRT OF TIES. The show featured icons and his muses, and was attended by a load of other designers who’d either gotten their start there or just wanted to bid farewell to a legend who’d only given a couple days’ notice that this was his final hurrah. It also had one last dance from Coco Rocha, who I believe has done her thing down his runway every season, even when she’d “retired” from other catwalks. Here it is:

She also put up some pictures of her just CRYING and hugging him. As a final show, a last party, it really does pay homages to all his influences and the things that made him indelible. It’s also bonkers. Enjoy.

[Photos: Imaxtree]