I actually liked the basic bones of Jasmine’s blue Naeem Khan from the other day; it just let her down in the sheers department (which, sidebar, sounds like my absolute nightmare of a Nordstrom floor: “Welcome to the Sheers Department, will you be going 90 percent or just something in the 40s?”). She opted for something solid for the L.A. screening, which she attended with her delightful dad Ron, he of This Is Us, whom  they keep bringing back in whatever capacity they can — ghost, never-before-seen memory — because he’s so good and he gets Emmy love. Ron looks thoroughly dapper, and Jasmine looks slinky and fantastic, and together they are all ready for a father-daughter nightclub set of torch songs, with the occasional surprise big band number to shake up the joint.

I am rather less delighted to inform you of the existence of this outfit, worn to another screening along with some of her castmates:

Blindspotting Oakland Community Screening

Candace Nicholas-Lippman on the left is oozing as much charisma as she can to distract from the fact that Jaylen Barron might secretly be a genie, and that Jasmine might secretly agreed to wear Crate & Barrel to the event and had no choice but to staple a pillow sham around her torso.

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