First Tyra Banks returns to GFY, and now Janelle Monae has exited her brief post-award-season respite. Obviously we’d been with her much more recently, but I’d still missed her; in the words of Professor Higgins, I’d grown accustomed to her face. And even though she’s wearing a sparkly lace cocktail dress in black, somehow I look at this photo and feel like spring has sprung (not that I needed further proof; last night it sprang all over my lawn because the Santa Anas were so strong that it relocated just about every leaf and tree branch it could find). At first I wasn’t sure about the tights with the mid-calf boots, but that height is so awkward to begin with that I actually think the hosiery mitigates it a bit. It’s less jarring, somehow. Besides which, this photo makes me want to go outside and skip around before buying some flowers and getting a facial, all three of which seem like a good use of time. So thanks, Janelle! You are a chipper wind blowing through my stale old barren soul.

[Photo: Getty]