Remember the AMAZING paint-by-numbers ballgown Cate Blanchett wore at Cannes? Well, Mary Katrantzou has a whole line of paint-by-numbers dresses this season, and this is one of them, and it is DIVINE. (It is also $1200 at Farfetch, if you are in the market; there is also a skirt and a maxi-dress, and AGAIN I ask why I have not won the Lottery.) Jane was at Today to talk about the new season of Kimmy Schmidt — which was a BALM TO MY SOUL last weekend — and also about her father’s struggle with dementia. It has to have been a rather difficult sartorial line to walk — what do you wear to discuss something really emotional and hard, as well as the charming Netflix comedy you star in? — but she aced it. Florals for all!

[Photos: ROGER WONG/]