“HOLA LOVERS. Pull up a chair and listen to Auntie Jennifer, who is not your actual aunt, but one of those family friends who is really probably only five years older than you are but looks like your younger sister and is always fun and buys the best presents. Yes, okay. So, lovers, if there is one thing I have learned, it is that being paid millions of dollars to walk around and say other people’s words in bad wigs for twelve hours a day is much less fun than being paid many millions of dollars to sit in a chair and look at people and frown and cry with the lower part of my face only and then occasionally offer advice that somebody will put onto a t-shirt or a handkerchief. And so! World of Dance is back. Now, lovers: Does anyone remember what the rules of this are? When do we vote them off of the island, and how fast does my chair spin? Because I get motion sick. But beautifully.”

[Photos: WENN]