This line must not be aiming at the stylists because I cannot think of any celebrity who’s worn one of these (please correct me if I’m wrong); I wonder if they’re not gunning for that because it actually sells to people with obscene amounts of money. Which is a shame, because some of this would be DELIGHTFULLY theatrical on a red carpet, but also probably good for Ziad Nakad because there has got to be more money in that than in red-carpet loaners. (We were just talking about this in our previous post with regard to Christian Siriano, in fact.) If you want immense glamour paired with surroundings that are trying to match it for opulence, and sometimes overshadow it, then this show is for you. I mean, look at this:


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Join me in saying the only thing I can muster, which is: HOLY SHIT.

[Photos: Imaxtree]