Lady Gaga is REALLY working hard for that Oscar nomination, and most recently popped on a frothy Christian Siriano minidress for a visit to Jimmy Kimmel’s chairs. I wondered if this was going to be awkwardly short, but actually, it seems to work nicely because the demi-cape (or are they arm bags?) spreads out around her in a very fetching way. And it looks like it’d be extremely fun to sashay and swirl around in behind the scenes. I would look ridiculous in this, but Gaga wears it as easily as sweatpants, either when she’s smiling and laughing…

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - January 24, 2022

… or looking very serious and glam. Parenthetically, I don’t know what color it actually is, because it looked navy in the first shot, midnight blue in this one, and black on the set. I ASSUME blue is the way to go because camera flashes can’t just invent pigment? Can they? Is science at work here?

Regardless: It’s very fun, and the type of frock Christian makes so well. And perhaps one reason I’m fond of it is because I saw this post from Christian on Instagram, which made my blood run cold with its casual suggestion that maybe the brand won’t go on forever because commissions and loaners and the like are not inherently profitable. Which makes absolute sense; I have often wondered how these brands stay afloat, and I think for a lot of them it’s about the partnerships (think Kors and Macy’s, for example, and for a while, Siriano and Payless Shoes). Hopefully things sounded more ominous in the post than they really are, because he’s a treasure and the red carpet would be a duller place if he hung up his sketch pad. We already lost Zac Posen, people! We cannot lose another, especially one of the few who puts his money where his mouth is when it comes to inclusion and designing for everyone! WE RIDE AT DAWN.

[Photos: RB/Bauer-Griffin via Getty, Hollywood To You/Star Max via Getty]