Points of order:

  1. I actually love this and thinks it looks great on her. Do I wish it were a skirt? Kinda; but it also doesn’t actively bother me that these are actually mega-wide legged pants.
  2. Despite the above, when I happened to catch a clip of this red carpet wherein Katy announced that she was with pant, and kicked up her leg, I did make the same noise I made last week when I discovered I accidentally left the fridge open a crack for like eight hours. So I am open to being talked out of this.
  3. I also want to discuss her haircut. I LOVE it. Am I crazy, or does she (facially) resemble Emily Blunt with this cut and color? I’m into it:

Remind me I DON’T want this haircut on my own head, though. The earrings, on the other hand, might be a different story.

[Photos: Getty Images]