We remember Monse as the line that did bizarre deconstructed suiting, and of course the floral toilet seat top that was strapped to Jaime King once. The co-creaters Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim cut their teeth at Oscar de la Renta and ended up inhering that brand; they told WWD that melding the two worlds was their goal today:

The collection initially started by recalling a photograph Kim held onto from the duo’s back-to-back Monse and Oscar de la Renta fall 2017 runway show.

“There was an image Laura had of our very first Oscar collection rehearsal, where we did the two shows in one. When the models did rehearsals, they were only wearing petticoats with their hoodies. I remember being in that rehearsal and Laura was just like, ‘Maybe that’s what we should have done?’ Cut to seven years later, here we are,” Garcia said.

I feel like they already put their sensibilities into the Oscar brand, with uneven results; I don’t know if they need it to flow both ways. Especially not with that stuff at the end, which looks like a cat’s cradle of lacing. I had maybe like three ideas for any of these, and a lot of shrugs.

[Photos: Imaxtree]