Technically, the littlest Cambridge does not turn two until tomorrow, but I can only assume Will and Kate had a long conversation deep into the night about whether the world’s impending Met Gala hangover would obscure their little moppet’s photo release. Wills would fret that an early leak might then make Charlotte’s actual natal day existentially meaningless, and Kate would argue that Wills himself stays up until the wee hours enviously studying Jared Leto’s coats and dissecting whatever Beyonce has worn, and “the updos of Katherine Perry,” at which point Will would snort, “Catherine, her name is Katy,” and Kate would roll her eyes and say, “POINT MADE.”

And so we have this deeply cute picture, wherein Charlotte has peered into this gift bag and then sighed, “I suppose I can tolerate this doll, and you’re very thoughtful, but next year please listen when I tell you I’ve some coding ideas and I need my own laptop. Toys are for Georges.” At which point I imagine she shot a sidelong glance at her brother, who was banging relentlessly through the background trying to scramble a Faberge egg with his mouth and shouting, “MORE AIRPLANES NOW MUMMY MINE KEEP CRASHING INTO THE COURTYARD WHEN I THROW THEM OUT THE WINDOW THANKS YES NOW PLEASE,” forcing Kate to clone-stamp a hay background just to blot him out. It’s perfection, as is Charlotte’s sweet little face.

[Photo: Getty]