Obviously, I am not from Italy, and cannot tell anyone from Italy how to feel. But Jessica and I periodically wonder to one another how long it will take for someone to decide that the world is ready for their Covid book, or movie, and who it will be, and I didn’t predict that the answer would be: this Italian director who made a wacky comedy about faltering couples forced into lockdown together. It feels… so soon. Probably because I have such stark memories of watching the news from Italy, and how tragic it was, knowing we were headed in that direction. But things seem better in Italy than they are here, all these MANY MANY months later — even with the current spike there — so maybe it ISN’T too soon for them and time to laugh at lockdown HAS arrived? Will that day come for me? I don’t know. I like watching stuff from pre-Covid, and I like entertainment that reminds me of how it ought to be and not how it is, so… I’m not sure when I will be ready for anyone’s attempt to capture this moment. Of all the casts that just popped to mind, I’ve decided that right now I will only even consider it if it’s a direct sequel to Game Night and every single one of those people returns. I would also accept Ocean’s Covid Nineteen — but not by merely adding Ocean’s Eight + Ocean’s Eleven. No. Nineteen ladies.

[Photos: Shutterestock]