Before we get into 2014 in earnest, we decided to take a more focused look back at a couple people who put together very nice fashion years in 2013. These aren’t absolute choices, nor exhaustively researched ones; just the people who, when we were looking for our favorite and least-favorite single looks, seemed to pop up a lot in our “win” columns.

Alba is an out-there pick — it’s not like she’s pushing avant-garde fashion nor restyling herself dramatically — but that’s one reason we made it. I’ve admittedly never thought much about her, and forgot about her a little once she stepped away from acting to do the Honest Company stuff, but she pulled out some cute casual and formal looks this year that made us think, “Has she always had good taste, or is this a new thing?” Like, somehow it hadn’t occurred to us to pay attention until now. This may mean a Fugstory of her should be in the offing, but in the meantime, let’s ogle and see whether it’s a weird choice indeed or a correct one.