We were on a limited schedule, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t pump out some content over the break. In case you swore off the Internet, or succeeded at a long-term resolution not to read us until January 2, 2014, then here is what you may have missed:

GFY Kanye weighed in on the blindingly hideous custom-painted Hermes Birkin that he got Kim for Khristmas.

We did our annual Cover Predictions for Vogue, including a look back at the Feb 2013-January 2014 cover subjects and how they looked.

– Wills and Kate (and other royals) hit the town for Christmas Mass, looking very smart and holding hands.

– We also posted highlights from A Year In Royals, including more than just the Windsors.

We revisited the winners and “winners” of the Best/Worst polls from all of 2013.

These are The Best Of The Rest of the year, meaning, the gowns we loved that didn’t win Best from Fug Nation and didn’t fit into our year-end feature on The Cut.

And these are The Worst Of The Rest.

– While looking for the overall best and worst single outfits, we learned a few people had pretty strong years overall: Lupita Nyong’o (the newbie), Nicole Kidman (the veteran), Diane Kruger (the risk-taker), and Jessica Alba (the casual surprise).

– These are the Top 10 Most Popular GFY Posts of 2013.

– In honor of Jared Leto’s 40th birthday, and potentially on the doorstep of a lucrative awards season for him, we did a Hotness Fugtrospective of his blue, blue eyes. And other things. But: EYES.

– Miley Cyrus’s tongue was a much-publicized participant in 2013’s pop-culture shenanigans. We dared to look deep into her past — no, we’re not that proud of this — and found that it’s actually a common tic of hers.

Beyonce. Sigh.

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