I truly believe Issa Rae has one of the best faces in Hollywood. She is SO PRETTY. And as I said earlier here about her new movie, The Photograph, with LaKeith Stanfield: I don’t really care if it’s any good, because it’s two VERY good-looking people making out and ergo I will watch it eventually.  SEE:


ANYWAY! I am very pro-Issa Rae and her head is PERFECT here — that lipstick is great, in particular — but I feel like this dress looks a little bit like someone watched a lot of How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days and wanted to recreate its seminal yellow gown but more modestly, and my personal argument would be: Just let her wear the actual How to Lose a Guy yellow dress, because she’d look AMAZING in it. Actually, while I’m here, maybe Issa should just headline a remake? That could be great. Someone, please make this happen.

[Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE Pictures/Shutterstock, Jim Spellman/WireImage]