These two pieces were not shown together on the runway, so it’s an interesting choice to pair them this way. I unabashedly love that sweater, so I’m pleased Yara liberated it from the prison of the belted floral bike shorts and drugstore shower slides. I like the pants better when you can see the brogues, as on the model, but maybe that’s just a function of being photographed in motion (and also, who knows if Yara is even wearing those shoes). Together, my honest concern is that they’re screaming at each other just a trifle too loudly to each be heard, like the sartorial equivalent of that time Jeannie Bueller was trying to drive home and she and her mother started yelling and it all went to hell and she nearly ran over her brother accidentally and then on purpose. You tell me:¬†Are they too eclectic, or just crazy enough to work? Or both, because Yara is made of moonbeams?

[Photo: Getty]

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