I mean, I don’t really think he is. From the photos, it appears he just… wandered out of a building grinning like a maniac with a pen clamped between his chompers, wearing a “homeslice” sweatshirt, as you do. But I still have questions. Does he genuinely feel like a homeslice, or are those like air quotes, indicating that he believes himself to be a FRADULENT homeslice? Or is he directly quoting a friend’s hastily dashed-off text message? Or perhaps he’s trying out a complicated costume idea, like… I don’t know. A cross between himself and a young Ed Begley Jr., a combination for which history has clamored? Or perhaps Peter Cetera is his inspiration, and the hero we’re dreaming of? Is he just working on a bespectacled Val Kilmer from Real Genius? Or — and this might be it — is Justin Bieber hoping that HE will be someone ELSE’s Halloween costume this year? Ed Begley Jr., are you in need of inspiration?

[Photo: Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock]