The first time Haim came around, I feel like we barely saw them except occasionally on Taylor Swift’s Instagram. But the old Taylor can’t come to the phone now because she’s dead, and the sisters are turning up all over various Fashion Weeks and at parties, et cetera, always taking turns with who gets to be the meat in the Haimwich (although lately, Middle Haim has been fairly consistent). All highly controlled facial expressions aside, they seem to be enjoying the fashion side of being famous this time around. Or, maybe they have traded mojo with Taylor. Maybe only Taylor OR Haim can be loose in the world at once, and when Swifty decides to come back out of exile — which I assume will be at the AMAs in November? — Haim will slowly drift back into the lamp whence they emerged.

Until then, I’m grateful that they are not boring. This is an EYEFUL. It is a Pepto cacophony. But honestly, I feel like the footwear is most of the problem here. Left Haim’s dress is a LOT to cope with, but the boxy Pilgrim booties are not smoothing along the process. In fact, if we took away all the boots, this would be… at least 60 percent better, right? It feels like just wearing whatever the designer sent them rather than casting a critical eye.

Below, one out of three Haims is in Rodarte, and the other two — including Right Haim, whom I know to be Danielle, but I’m just used to Left, Right, and Middle now — are in Prabal:

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This is a lot better — busy, but pretty, and slightly less like it’s assembled directly from the runway jumble. Haim, I’m enjoying your eclecticism, even when it’s cracked out. Please DO stick around awhile, okay? Living in a mystic lamp isn’t all that.