This seems to be a combination of a tracksuit and a pantsuit, with a hoodie acting as the shirt underneath it. And I would not have thought to put those two greens together, much less straddle the work and athleisure line as dramatically as this does, but dammit… I think it works? The only thing giving me pause is that Eiza is wearing kelly green velvet-y sandals, which kind of looks like strapping astroturf to her feet. Otherwise, she is giving me Jessica Alba Billionaire Mogul vibes — all fancy ease (which should be an oxymoron), and unclear whether she’s going to a meeting or a school pickup or the drugstore, but probably all three. Today I put on a cardigan and a t-shirt without writing on it, and felt like I climbed a mountain. This is advanced science that I need to learn.

[Photo: RB/Bauer-Griffin via Getty]