I know Broadway launches aren’t all about Tonys, but — especially when you have a very lauded group of performers — it must be weird to premiere a show like two months after the awards, knowing you may be far from voters’ minds when that time comes around again. And this IS a strong group: nominees Phillipa Soo, Bryan D’Arcy James, Joshua Henry, Sara Bareilles (albeit for songwriting), and winners Patina Miller and Gavin Creel, all doing Sondheim, which is always buzzy, especially after Company showed strongly at this year’s Tonys.

So far, the reviews are good. I have to be honest: For someone who loves musical theatre, somehow I have missed ever seeing Into The Woods, so my only experience with it is the movie. And I DID NOT like that movie. At all. It was so boring. Was that a bad adaptation — an “if you didn’t like the movie then you probably won’t like the show either” situation — or should I jump on the live show if I ever get the chance? The answer for me is usually, “Jump on the live show anyway because live shows are fun,” but between Covid and ticket prices, I feel like I’m going to be pretty selective about what I see for a while. Ugh. Damn you, Covid. It was so much easier to talk myself into the splurge before.

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