GEORGE: Hey hey, Benny boy!

BEN: What up, CLOOP!

GEORGE: Mattfleck!

BEN: Cloonatic!

GEORGE: It’s good to see you, man.

BEN: Back together at last! It’s been a while. What was it… Ocean’s Thirteen?

GEORGE: … No, that was Matt, buddy.

BEN: Of course, of course, Cloo Suede Shoes, it was Ocean’s Twelve.

GEORGE: Still Matt.

BEN: Ocean’s Eleven was fun though!

GEORGE: It was! For Matt. And your brother, actually.

BEN: I’m not in ANY of them?


BEN: Are we sure, Cloonius George?

GEORGE: We are sure.

BEN: Well. I should have been. Seems like you messed up there. But, you know, we’re finally together again after that time we did… you know, uh, the 70th Golden Globe Awards.

GEORGE: Good times, of course.

BEN: And those 79th Annual Academy Awards! Memories!

GEORGE: You’re forgetting Hollywood Salutes Matt Damon: An American Cinematheque Tribute.

BEN: Touche.

GEORGE: And I produced Argo.


GEORGE: I did.

BEN: Cool! And here we are now, BACK TOGETHER! The Dream Team!

GEORGE: Yeah, sure. Matt, come get your boy.