We had all kinds of retrospectives, best-ofs, worst-ofs, and whatnot to amuse you during the week between Christmas and New Year’s. We’ll be back to (kinda) normal on Tuesday, January 3rd, but until then, here’s what you may have missed while you were in a cheese coma (or whatever. I don’t know your life.)


1. Enjoy the Very Best Looks of 2016! So many pretty dresses. It will calm your ruffled soul.


2. Hey! It’s the Worst Walking Around Looks of 2016. To quote Kesha’s jacket: NOT TODAY, SATAN.


3. It’s the Worst Red Carpet Looks: Sheer Division. When will the sheer madness end? Can it be this year? CAN IT?


4. These Worst Red Carpet Looks Are NOT Sheer But That’s The Only Good Thing About Them. Trust me: You forgot how bad some of these are.


5. We revisited Princess Anne’s lifetime of skeptical looks and wacky hats. Long may she investigate!


6. Our gift to you was a retrospective of Common’s hotness. It’s the gift that keeps giving.


7. Oooh, look! It’s literally everything Emma Stone has ever worn. Like, everything.


8. Victoria Beckham is my number one street style star, and her 2016 wardrobe proves it. Teach us your ways, Posh!


9. Tracee Ellis Ross also had a supremely stylish year. (See what I did there?) (I’m still kinda on vacation, don’t judge.)


10. And her black-ish co-star Yara Shahidi was a total style star. (If you’re not watching black-ish, do yourself a favor and pick it up in 2017. It’s great.)


11. That’s right. It’s EVERY SINGLE THING Patsy and Edina wore in Absolutely Fabulous. So many turbans, you guys. So many.


12. Wills and Kate took George and Charlotte to church on Christmas and it was very cute indeed!


13. Related: A History of British Royal Christmas Hand-Holding. Swoon!


14. ALSO related: The Year in Royal Babies. Spoiler: They are quite cute.


15. Parker Posey has ALWAYS been a delight, and we can prove it with this fashion retrospective. This ALSO has more turbans than perhaps you had anticipated.


16. We revisited Benedict Cumberbatch’s red carpet history, and you can TOTALLY tell when he hired a stylist. Some of the early years were rough.


17. Time for our Annual Vogue Predict-a-Cover! Who will Anna chose?


18. Keke Palmer’s Instagram is a treasure trove of wacky looks, including those pants she wore that were covered with Leonardo DiCaprio’s face. Keep it up, Keke.

hailee steinfeldcropped

19. Let’s take a look at Hailee Steinfeld’s 2016 red carpet life/choices. It’s an emotional roller coaster.


20. Was 2016 the Year of the Hadids? We investigate their intriguing sartorial choices. And, yes, “intriguing” is being diplomatic.


21. Reese Witherspoon was her own best customer in 2016. Why not save on marketing costs, after all?


22. That’s right. It’s Jared Leto’s Year In Jackets. He did not phone it in.


23. Gwen Stefani looked pretty wacky this year, which probably shouldn’t be a surprise. And isn’t.


24. Question: Just how wacky DID Salma Hayek look in 2016? The answer: Pretty wacky.


25. Spoiler: Blake Lively continued to have amazing hair. This isn’t really a shocker.


26. EUROVISION! Relive it again.


27. And, finally, it’s our Top Ten Posts of 2016. Happy new year, everyone!