This is a very old song that you are probably tired of me shrieking, but: The Americans is so well-crafted from top to tail, it galls me that it hasn’t been decorated with more hardware. This show actually pulls off the miracle of making you invested in the lives and survival of two Soviet spies who’ve done terrible things, yet it also makes you ache for Stan and his general goodness, and you WANT him to succeed at his job and yet if he does it means the downfall of the OTHER people we’ve invested in… Other than some of the makeup choices they’ve made this season (is it just me, or have they recently leaned heavily into lip color on Matthew Rhys?), it’s a brilliant show and I am anxious in advance of the series finale (which you will probably have seen by the time this post runs, but I have not as of the time I type this). Please give it all the shiny things, Various Voting Bodies.

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