From a distance, I saw this and was, predictably, squealing about the sparkles, thinking it was a dress. But you can probably already tell what I initially could not: It’s pants.

Sandra Bullock Arriving At The Jimmy Kimmel Show In Los Angeles.

Beyond my knee-jerk mistrust of jumpsuits: Knowing it’s pants makes the length and cut awkward to me. If “jumpsuit” is the requirement, then I think either make it longer and then maybe lean into the loose leg, or taper it and keep it ankle-length; the current state of affairs just makes me wish it were a cocktail dress. Overall, though, isn’t Sandy giving bigtime Junior J.Lo vibes here? I don’t hate that for her, to be honest. It’s like all the inherent coolness and sass of J.Lo without the accompanying HOLA LOVERS EVERY GARMENT IS ALSO A WINDOW.

[Photos: WENN]